Are You Still Using An Unlabeled Bottled Water?

Custom bottled water is available as an advertising or marketing device on many websites on the internet.  Basically, it is bottled natural spring water with your companies logo or trade mark on the custom make labels.

Natural Spring Water is water that flows naturally to the surface from a spring source without the need to drill or use pumps. Generally spring water have all its minerals intact. Bottling at the source eliminates the need to use chemicals required to prevent contamination if the water were to be transported to an alternate site for bottling.

Get straight to your body’s hydration needs with the very elements of good health and vitality. Forget the salt, sugar, flavors and various impurities and toxins found in most waters. We’re talking about straight up H2O. Period. 

The human body is almost 70% water. Water supports every function of your body in a big way, from temperature regulation to dissolving and flushing out toxins and impurities. Nothing can cleanse and quench your body like pure, distilled water. It is the most vital fluid you can drink (and Element H2O is oxygenated, which gives its exceptional flavor and clean, crisp taste).

Many ailments and unhealthy conditions have been related to various forms of mineral accumulation in the body, from kidney failure to arthritis. It has been shown that distilled water actually removes these minerals from the body by dissolving them, instead of introducing more impurities like “Hard Water” and water from other impure sources.

The first 2 pages of a Google search on custom bottled water, has websites for water coming from any pure spring in our country, each claiming to be the purest and best tasting.  They offer different deals on the custom labels also.

It looks like the most famous and latest way to get your brand and logo announced.  Just when you thought there were no more clever, creative and affordable ways to get your name, logo, theme or message in the hands of your customers, prospects and constituents, along comes Custom Labeled Bottled Water. Go ahead, look around – how many people do you see carrying their own bottle of water. A number of isn’t it? People know today the benefits of having sufficient water, so think about all the effective ways you can tap this army of walking billboards.  A large assortment of calorie free flavors to flavor sparkling water to great taste is sold at

I discovered the most unique form of branding that: Give your special day a mark of distinction by your personal and own brand of bottled water for your guests. The added touch of personalized bottled water on your wedding day lends a certain cachet to an already auspicious event. By your attention to the details you can leave a mark on your guests. Select from our designer wedding labels and personalize it by giving your own message. Perfect for weddings, cocktail receptions, engagement parties and outdoor wedding festivities.”

I guess you could even use this way to announce the birth of your first son – private label bottled water named after the baby.  I am certain if I set here long enough, I can think of a million more or funnier but I believe you get the idea from the above.  So goes the marketing of custom bottled water.